Monday, April 14, 2014

Shaw's Supermarkets is Taking Gluten Free Seriously

Part of being a "New Celiac Mom" means that I haven't had to have the experiences of some of my predecessors, that is….Celiac Moms and Dads who have been doing this for a while. From what I understand, up until about a year ago, shopping for a child with Celiac sometimes meant shopping at 4 or 5 different supermarketer and speciality shops, sometimes driving miles out of your way to find the one item you were looking for, and/or scouring the web for particular gluten free products.

Fast forward just one short year into this new gluten-sensitive world we are living in the US for gluten free items has become a breeze compared to what my peers were accustomed to. To those Celiac Moms and Dads, I salute you. And I hope you are finally finding some relief not that gluten free items are becoming more and more readily available.

Over the last month, I have noticed that my primary grocery store, Shaw's Supermarketers, has stepped their gluten free shopping experience up a notch. They are rolling out Gluten Free tags on their grocery aisles. Every item in the store that is gluten free now has a tag similar to this in front of it.

Wow, does this make things easy!

I still recommend reading labels in case items were moved from one shelf to another or in the case of human error.

I wanted to write this post to give a big, gigantic shout out to Shaw's Supermarkets for making this New Celiac Mom's just a little bit easier.

Thank you, Shaws!

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