Monday, March 10, 2014

Recipe Review: Warm Autumnal Rice and Vegetable Salad

Much of being a Celiac mom has to do with food. I guess that's true about being a mom, in general, though. Feeding our young is one of the primary functions of motherhood (along with loving them, clothing them, and providing them with shelter). My children would probably add things like: getting me an Xbox, driving me to Dick's Sporting Goods, and taking me to Walt Disney World to the list, but I digress.

So, what does a New Celiac Mom do at the beginning of her Celiac journey?

Look up new recipes.

As a blogger, I've looked to other bloggers in the gluten free space for yummy recipes that my whole family will enjoy. I've come across some amazing blogs (check out Blogs I Follow) including this one: A Girl Defloured.

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I love this blog! Not only is it so pretty to look at (am I right?), but A Girl Defloured has categorized her recipes into super fun categories like Ladies Who Lunch, Meatless Monday, From the Sea, and Mommy Needs A Drink (I will be checking this one out soon!).

This week, I tried one of her recipes for dinner. The recipe is Warm Autumnal Rice and Veg Salad. Yummy! Unfortunately, my picture isn't as pretty as the picture she has on her site (I think she must be a professional photographer as well as a yummy recipe maker), but I had to show it and to tell you how easy this recipe was to make.

Other than telling you that this salad was a big hit with Celiac child, there are other things you should know:

  • A Girl DeFloured says prep time is 10 minutes.
    • Prep time actually took me about 20 minutes, mainly due to chopping vegetables. Also, I couldn't find pre-cooked brown rice, so my rice took 20 minutes to cook. 
  • I thought this would make for a great leftover lunch the next day. If you plan to get two meals out of it, do not combine all of the rice with the salad and the cooked vegetables. 
    • Keep the parts separate for your leftover meal. If they are combined, you can't heat it up the next day. Otherwise you will either eat warmed up arugula (yuck!) or cold rice. 

Overall, Celiac son and I give this recipe an A! It was easy to make, looked fantastic, tasted yummy, and hit some major food groups!

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